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International Change Agents Networks

ICAN is a not for profit network, created in 2007, to develop awareness and share best practices from around the world.

ICAN acknowledges the large number of individuals who are agents of changes within their own neighbourhood, community, city, state or country.

As a unique network, the primary focus of ICAN is the exchange of knowledge and best practices through information sharing. These exchanges are provided through this site or through emails, teleconferences and videoconferences with community groups, organizations and institutions across the world.

ICAN members support communities and local government initiatives in a number of ways:

• As a catalyst for community and organizational change

• Linking groups with mutually supportive goals to allow them to work together

• Building capacity and sustainability at the community level

• Sharing the ownership of any work that we do

• Providing lectures, workshops

Our work is participatory.

Membership is free. To subscribe just contact us through this site providing the following:

Thanks! Message sent.

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